To keep a motorcycle upright while riding at high speed isn’t a difficult feat, however when the bike slows down, the balance is entirely up to the rider. Honda has developed a way to increase bike stability with its new Riding Assist technology.

But Honda’s bike doesn’t only help riders keep their bike upright, it also incorporated a technology that allows the bike to keep itself upright, even without a rider. The people behind these tech felt that since the bike could stay upright with no help, they made the bike autonomous, too.

The company had utilized its Uni-Cub mobility research and translated it into rectifying a real-world problem. However, since not everyone would like this feature, Honda has made the bike in such a way that riders can switch between regular riding mode to balance mode.

When it is in balance mode, the metal bars at its front wheel which connects to the rest of the bike extends the front tire further from the cycle.

There is still no word of when and if it’ll make it into production, but when it does, we’re sure it will be nothing short of impressive.