American Customer Satisfaction Index’s 2016 Automobile Report is out and it looks like Honda is at the top of the list while Acura, Honda’s premium brand, settles at the bottom.

Honda had managed to secure 86 out of 100 points in a poll of 3,776 car customers which placed it second on the list, after Lincoln, whereas Acura scored only 76 points.

It’s pretty evident that Honda and Acura are going in differing ways. Compared to last year, Honda scored an 8 percent increase from its 80 points while the Acura decreased about 8 percent from its previous score of 83 points.

Honda’s higher position on the list compared to Acura proves that non-luxury brands are becoming even more popular with buyers than some luxury brands.

Honda has been doing better with consumers due to impressive new offering in the form of the Ridgeline as well as the redesigned CR-V and the Civic. So, while Honda continues to go up, Acura dwindles despite releasing the super impressive Acura NSX supercar.


Jason · December 1, 2016 at 4:30 am

I’ve owned 62 cars in my lifetime, most of them have been Hondas and Acuras, and most of them have had manual transmissions. I’d like to weigh in on this as a former Honda/Acura enthusiast.

I drove and loved Honda vehicles all though my teens and 20s. When I got in to my 30s and began making money, I started looking at Acura. My 2007 Acura TSX had a manual transmission and a high-revving 2.4L 4 cyl that mad 205hp. It was a blast to drive, and I loved it. At one point I had an RSX Type-S, which was more of the same. Super fun, compact, fun to modify, cheap to own and maintain, and overall a great vehicle. In 2012 I purchased the most expensive car I’ve owned to date, a 2012 Acura TL with SH-AWD and a 6 speed manual. It was an amazing vehicle, and I was really excited to see what Acura was going to do with the TLX when it was released.

When the TLX came, the manual transmission was gone. The refreshed 2016 ILX looked great, but they took the manual from that too. What we are left with are these transmissions with way too many gears that constantly hunt and peck for what gear they’re supposed to be in. They aren’t fun to drive, in fact, they’re annoying to drive. Why? For the sake of fuel economy. After Sochiro Honda died, Honda has been on a down-hill spiral. Civics became bloated and boring. Almost all Honda cars (minus the Pilot and Ridgeline) are available with horrid CVT transmissions. Manuals are dying. Conventional automatics are dying because Honda is unable achieve high mileage numbers without either a CVT or a trans with 1400 gears in it.

I don’t they way Honda has gone (and by that, Acura too). They were once an enthusiasts company. Most of what they invented and pioneered revolved around engineering. They were big in to racing, and that excitement and DNA trickled down in to their road vehicles. The best Honda I’ve ever owned was a 91 CRX SI. Disc brakes front and back, which for the time in a car that cheap was awesome. Dual wishbone suspension in the front, independent suspension in the rear, light weight, a good power to weight ratio. It didn’t need a million horsepower to be amazing to drive. Honda has lost the spark and magic that made that car great.

Some people will say “Oh, well it’s only because of the ridiculous crash standards, the added weight of all the safety equipment that they have to put in the cars now, etc. etc.” No. Those are excuses. Look at the new MX5. Excellent car, very little power, but one of the most fun cars on the road today. Excuses aren’t an excuse. Honda needs to find its roots again. Right now, the roots are dead… and the future isn’t looking great. In the mean time, my money goes elsewhere.

Emil · December 1, 2016 at 5:44 am

Except for one model – the NSX – Acura vehicles can best be described as dull. Don’t get me wrong – I am the proud owner of a 2005 TSX (with 230,000 miles) and a 2011 MDX (with 110,000 miles). These 2 cars are a pleasure to drive – especially the TSX. But whenever I have my car serviced at an Acura dealer, I always get a loaner car. I’ve driven the ILX, TLX, RDX and the newer MDX. Of the 4, only the MDX was fun enough to drive – not as fun as my MDX though. The rest are dull. It used to be that Acura was a poor mans BMW – like the old Integras, the RSXs. Those were great cars.

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