Merely being good is not enough for Honda – at least not anymore. Honda wants to be the best and it has proven it means business by placing a higher importance on its high-volume nameplates instead of just succumbing to the current trend of full-sized trucks and SUVs, premium SUVs, sports cars and large cars.

Honda unveiled its latest Odyssey during the recent Detroit Auto Show and its engineering capabilities were obviously top-notch. The automaker included premium bits like “highly configurable seats, a camera trained on the rear passengers and downloadable smartphone apps for user to control climate and entertainment experience,” revealed Automotive News.

That’s not all – it’s Ridgeline is also making the company proud by securing the award for the North American Truck of the Year as well as the Civic, which nabbed the award for the 2016 Car of the Year.

Honda: The Relentless One

Back in 2012, Honda launched its ninth edition of the Civic but sadly, the model fell short in quality. But this was understandable seeing that Japan was recovering from the effect of the earthquake and tsunami that hit the country.

Honda was relentless though and it unleashed a greater version of the Civic in 2013. And recently, the automaker developed a new platform which is shared by the existing Civic, CR-V and the upcoming Accord.

This automaker may have been looked down upon in the past but now, thanks to its Odyssey, Ridgeline, Civic and CR-V, Honda has risen all the way to the top.