The Dodge Challenger is the main reason behind Dodge’s lacking of a Charger coupe. Both these models ride on the same platform and have almost the same powertrain options, as well.

However, for those who prefer the looks of the Challenger over the Charger, they’ll be happy to see Nick Kizi of Fantasy Collision & Customs’ creation.

The crew over at the company didn’t only remove a pair of doors and fill in the gaps, instead they cut the sedan right down the middle, decreased its wheelbase by 10-inches and merged it all back together, as described by Rides magazine.

Fantasy Collision & Customs removed the rear doors and extended the front ones as well as bringing the roof down by 2-inches – making it seem almost like a coupe.

This process, which involved widening the rear fenders by 7-inches, fitting large 24-inches diameter wheels, steamrolling 9-inches across at the front and 15-inches at the back, took them 5,000 hours.

Its 5.7L Hemi V8 was barely touched – save for the custom exhaust, while the roof was supplanted with a custom glass panel and the car was given a white with red pinstripes paintjob. The interior was also in white with red stitching.