Google’s marketing techniques has proven to be effective and it’s no surprise that Google has hit some high initial sales figures for its Pixel phones. This has resulted in a longer delivery time of the phones in the Google Play Store, currently.

The ‘very blue’ Pixel variant was sold out almost instantly while the 32GB black and silver models are still available but with an approximate delivery window of up to four to five weeks. The Pixel XL, on the other hand, has run out completely, with no mention of when it’ll be available again.

However, consumers can still purchase the Pixel devices by pre-ordering from Verizon Wireless as they still have the range in stock. It will be delivered by October 20.

Google’s new Pixel devices are supplants to the Nexus range. Pixel comes with Android Nougat pre-installed, Google’s new digital assistant as well as being equipped with the best smartphone camera ever.

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