Google’s Daydream will be able to take users on an amazing adventure in virtual reality and it is truly an amazing feature that many folks have been wanting to get their hands on. Well, if you are a Nexus 5X user, we have just the way to get Daydream into your device.

1. Make sure that your device is rooted with Android 7.0, Google VR Services and the Daydream App installed.
2. As this requires a compatible Daydream viewer and controller, you can use a Cardboard viewer with the controller emulator running on an old device.
3. Via a root explorer app, navigate to /system/etc/permissions/handheld_core_hardware.xml and you will see a list of your device’s system features.
4. Inside the file will be a list of permissions, formatted as XML. Add into the root permissions tag.
5. Reboot your device and you would be able to launch Daydream from the app.

And, that’s it! Let us know your experience if you do decide to follow this guide to get Daydream into your Nexus 5X. Happy trying!