Volkswagen recently upgraded its seventh-gen Golf in Europe with a whole lot more power, tech features and better looks.

The automaker hasn’t revealed much on this updated version but based on the teaser video VW released, the model will be coming with 17-inch brakes and launch control.

The video also implies that the model will be receiving an adjustable ride height. Although it doesn’t look like the automaker had upgraded the power from the previous 310hp on the standard Golf R, the video shows the car hitting 267km/h (166mph).

To compliment that top speed, the launch control will be gaining the new Golf R Performance to 62mph in mere 4.6 seconds. This figure is aided by the sticky Pirelli Trofeo R tires, just like the ones on the Lamborghini that broke the Nurburgring lap record.

Aside that, the aero mods taken from the GTI Clubsport and a titanium exhaust from Akrapovic would further help in making this a ridiculously quick car.

Judging from these enhancements on the upcoming Golf R Performance, it’s likely that it would help it put up a good fight against the all-new Civic Type-R.