By now, you would have already heard that HTC will be announcing its upcoming flagship device, the HTC U 11, on May 16. However, there is still very minimal details on the new device.

That said, HTC dropped a new teaser video to show off its device’s unique touch-sensitive edges which works in a way that can interpret gestures into performing many actions.

The HTC U 11 gives users the chance of “squeezing” it to access the one-of-a-kind gesture system.

Based on the rumor mill, the HTC U 11 is slated to be coming with Snapdragon 835 processor mated to a 4GB RAM along with a 64GB internal storage.

The device will be sporting a 5.5-inch display measuring at 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and it will be powered by a monstrous 4,000 mAh battery unit.

HTC’s latest flagship is expected to be arriving in five different hues: black, white, blue, red and silver. So, it looks like folks will have enough options to choose from!

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