The Huawei Mate 9 will be making its way into the United States some time in January next year, according to The Wall Street Journal. However, Huawei has yet to release an official release date for the country.

The Mate 9 will be coming equipped with top-notch hardware and now, with an improved software too. The report had also mentioned that Huawei had sent out a major update to the device to enhance many aspects of its software.

With this new improvement, the Mate 9 is now able to properly display notification icons so that users can see precisely what notification they have received during the day. Previously, it had came with a simple number ticker which displayed the amount of notifications users had in the status bar.

Besides that, the software update had also improved the device’s camera. There is now a 6x hybrid zoom mode on the camera app and the zooming interface has also been enhanced for user accessibility. There are significant improvements to the picture quality, too.

The Huawei Mate 9, with these new software update, does sound like an impressive device. Now, we’ll just have to wait for an official announcement of its release date for the US.

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