Huawei has been trying to penetrate the U.S. market with its high-end flagships, such as the Huawei Mate 9, but it seems to be not fruitful as U.S. carriers are reluctant to collaborate with the Chinese company.

According to Wall Street Journal, this is due to Huawei not being a very recognized brand in the U.S. Besides that many carriers are having security doubts with the company’s networking tools as a 2012 congressional report had stated that Huawei’s products should be avoided as “China might use it to spy on Americans.”

Huawei has marketed their budget devices in the country already but these were not sold by carriers and buyers have to resort to third party retail sites, which may be the fate of the high-end Mate 9 device too.

WSJ also reported that Verizon and Sprint are not looking into working with Huawei, especially with the current U.S. government situation and the overly crowded smartphone market. It looks like the only carrier left for Huawei to work with is AT&T, since it still has ongoing beef with T-Mobile over a patent fight.

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