We have already seen the full list of vehicles that Hyundai will be offering this year and it was clear that one vehicle was missing from the list, the Hyundai Azera.

According to Hyundai, the reason why they decided to kill off the Azera is because of limited demands especially now that they have the Genesis models to offer. However, that does not mean that the rest of the world will not be getting the Azera as Hyundai made it clear that the other markets will still get a redesigned Azera.

Besides the Azera, the other model that did not make the cut is the Hyundai Accent hatchback. Nobody was really surprised since there were little to no talk about the vehicle. We will still get the new Accent sedan.

The Veloster will also be sitting out for 2018 but most people believe that Hyundai will bring out the new Veloster as a 2019 model.

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