According to Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, Apple may most likely be using stainless steel frames for its upcoming devices. The last iPhone that had used stainless steel was the iPhone 4s.

However, the iPhone 4s used a manufacturing process that involved a CNC machine. This is where a large computer-operated machine cuts out frames from a big piece of steel.

The iPhone 8, on the other hand, may be using a different manufacturing process. A report from Digitimes, reveal that Apple has been looking toward Jabil, a US company, to forge stainless steel frame for its 2017 devices.

Forging is known as the process of pressing the steel into shapes by using a power hammer or a press, along with the assistance of tools and dies.

It’s speculated that the stainless steel frame will be covering a glass-sandwich layout which could improve the device’s scratch resistance. But, the usage of stainless steel will be costing the company more compared to the aluminum it had employed for its last couple of iPhone devices.

So, don’t be too surprised to see the iPhone 8 coming with a little higher price tag. You will be paying for a more premium and durable device, of course.