According to Kia, they will be at the Consumer Electronics Show this year showing off their new electric concept car. They did not reveal details about the vehicle but the teaser did give us an idea of what to expect.

In the teaser, we can see the letters Niro EV spelled out at the back so at least we know what the concept will be called. Based on what we can see, it is clear that Kia plans to stick close to the design of the hybrid Niro although they also made a few major changes to give the EV an identity of its own.

The LED looks slightly different now and so is the taillight. The vehicle was also given a new three-pointed fog light in the front and in the back. The grille has been replaced with lights and most people believe it could be some sort of motion graphics.

At this point, nobody knows if the Niro EV will make it as a production model or not but many people believe that it will. What do you think?

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