Kia has confirmed on the development of the Stinger GT and every passing day gives birth to new details on the car. Today, a video of the Stinger GT revving surfaced online and it allows us to get a good listen of the car’s exhaust note.

After checking the clip out, we can’t help but to feel underwhelmed by the Stinger GT’s weak roar. What surprised us more is that the upcoming Stinger features 4 exhaust tips. This simply looks like an unnecessary move, especially when you are to consider that the GT relies on a turbocharged V6 engine, with an expected output that is around 300hp.

Kia may promote the Stinger GT like it is some sort of a BMW M2 killer but in reality, the vehicle looks more like a challenger for the Ford Fusion Sport. The latter is developed for families that want better performance and this is something which we find fitting for the Kia Stinger GT.

This is further backed up by the engine noise of the Stinger GT. A video surfaced online earlier today and it enabled us to check out the roar produced by the Stinger GT and we can’t help but to feel that it lacks aggression. It simply makes it easier to believe that the Stinger GT is a Ford Fusion Sport rival.

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