We know that the unveiling of the new Lamborghini Urus is not that far off now which means we will be hearing and seeing more of the Urus this few weeks. Although Lamborghini only wanted us to learn more about the track mode on the Urus, they might have also accidentally revealed more than they wanted to.

In one of the new trailers, Lamborghini showed off the new Corsa track mode on the Urus. The trailer showed the Corsa track model being selected from a display. In the display, we could see all the other mode that the Urus will come with along with an image of the Urus.

The vehicle was uncovered so we got to see what the new Lamborghini Urus will look like. Lamborghini later removes that part of the trailer and replace it but the damaged has already been done.
For those wondering if the Urus will look like the concept, they will be happy to know that Lamborghini did not stray too far from the concept at all. They did make a few changes here and there but overall, it still looks a lot like the Urus Concept.

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