There have long been talks about Lexus looking to offer the Lexus LS with a hydrogen fuel cell but it looks like that is not the only model that Lexus is considering for the LS model.

According to GoAuto, Lexus is looking at three alternative powertrains right now, the full electric model, plug-in hybrid model as well as the hydrogen-powered model. No timeframe was announced when it is clear that we will be seeing more of the LS in the near future.

While there have long with rumors about the hydrogen-powered models, this will be the first time we are hearing about a possible plug-in hybrid and full electric model. We know that Lexus has been working on a more powerful hybrid system that will offer more than the 354hp that they have now.

We will still have to wait for Lexus to reveal more but so far, it is looking rather exciting on the side of Lexus.

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