The LG G5 looks nothing like the previous LG G4 with its brand new design. However, it seems that LG did not do much to rectify issues that the LG G4 was known for.

An increasing number of G5 users have been reporting to Reddit on the same reboot and boot loop problems that the G4 has been experiencing.

The first Reddit user who posted on this particular issue saw that in about 10 hours after setting up the device, the G5 went into the reboot loop and the user noticed that the device was overheating. The user had also reported of a light bleed issue at the edge of the G5 unit.

Various other users, although not as drastic, have also reported on experiencing a similar reboot issue along with the device heating up rapidly.

This is not all that surprising as most of the users, who have reported of seeing the particular problem, had purchased the first batches of the new LG device.

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