LG’s latest flagship device, the G6, arrived with an extra long 18:9 aspect ratio display. This is definitely not the norm but the best way to take advantage of this screen is to use the split-screen feature.

The LG G6 incorporates a slightly more enhanced version of Nougat’s built-in split-screen multitasking mode and its unique screen ratio makes this feature even better.

If you have been wondering how to get started on it, we have just the thing for you – just follow the guide and you’ll be multitasking in no time!

How to Use Split-Screen Mode on LG G6

1. Launch the app list button to the right of the home button.
2. Notice that only some apps have the split-screen button as not all support it. Select the one you would like to use and then press the split-screen button at the top of the app.
3. The selected app will take up the top half of your screen then, select the second app to run at the bottom half.
4. Once that is done, you can adjust the size of each screen by pulling up or down on the central bar between them.
5. To exit, pull the central bar all the way down or up.

And, that’s it! Well, let us know if this is a feature you love or hate.