The LG G6 was launched sometime last month and this device has been making quite a lot of headlines lately. The G6, fitted with non-removable 3,300mAh battery, runs on Snapdragon 821 mated to a 4GB RAM.

Despite foregoing the removable battery feature, LG still retained the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack. The LG G6 also comes with a fingerprint sensor located on its rear along with fast battery charging capabilities.

A look through the various Reddit threads prove that fans are smitten by this device’s ability to hold charge. Many LG G6 users reported that they have been seeing among 5 to 6 hours of screen on time despite being connected via LTE and using it quite heavily.

This is especially pleasing to power users who tend to have their devices on hand almost all the time. In comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy S7, some folks state that the LG G6 has better battery capabilities.

However, we hate to say it, but nothing is ever perfect and the LG G6 seems to come with a flaw of its own. According to some Redditors, it appears that the device tend to lag when launching the camera app.

Many users are frustrated with this as they could miss crucial moments that they wish to preserve in their gallery while some just find the wait time plain annoying.

Do you have this same camera lag issue on your LG G6 too? If your answer is no, tell us what you like/dislike about your LG G6?