LG has long held a reputation for making devices that keep suffering from the same problem, and in this case it’s boot looping. The Nexus 5 and 5X which were made by LG also faced the same issue.

The smartphone manufacturer had released an official statement to address the issue of the LG G4 and stated that this issue was due to a hardware problem which involves “a loose contact between components” which needed to be rectified. Fortunately, gave assurance that it would be repairing the issue and even scheduled to repair customers’ faulty devices.

Recent reports have revealed that a fraction of LG V20 devices have been experiencing this same bootlooping issue and, according to an LG service center, this is due to the use of cheap USB Type-C cables.

However, a Reddit user familiar with testing USB-C peripherals, Nathan K, stated that, “A third-party USB-C cable is very unlikely to cause this unless exceptional situations arose.”

Well, what do you think could be the problem? Is it possible for the V20 to be suffering the same issue of “a loose contact between components”, just like the LG G4?

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