The e-Golf is an EV hatchback from Volkswagen that is built based on the ordinary Golf. VW basically took in the ordinary Golf before making the necessary modifications so that the car can operate on full electric.

The only unfortunate thing about the e-Golf is the performance which the car has to offer. A Golf is commonly loved for its engaging performance but the e-Golf failed to offer anything close to that.

Hence, RevoZport has decided to intervene by applying some sporty modifications on the e-Golf. As how you can see above, the e-Golf now looks more menacing thanks to the application of an aerokit with new splitter, bumper canard, side skirts, rear diffuser and a GT roof spoiler.

RevoZport has nailed it in making the e-Golf looking sportier but their lack in resources to tamper with the EV powertrain means that there are no improvements made on the performance front.

Tesla is probably laughing about it as they will view the e-Golf as nothing more than a car that is dressed for sportiness but has zero fun to offer. The cars from Tesla are offered with Ludicrous Mode that can give some thrills to the driver. A Ludicrous appearance is simply not good enough.

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