Marvel purists would gladly agree if we say that Marvel is incomplete with X-Men. The latter is just a powerful brand in the world of Marvel hence it is difficult to think about anything Marvel-related without having X-Men in our thoughts.

As such, we are shocked to learn that the roster in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite won’t feature a single character from X-Men. The reason is because there are a lot Marvel heroes and the firm only has 20 slots in the roster. There is just no room for anyone from X-Men.

Well, we are not giving up just yet and this is because of the latest insider reports which claimed X-Men to be added in the first DLC for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. The rumors went as far as claiming that Cyclops will be making a return in the fighting franchise in the said DLC.

But of course, insider reports are still something that is uncertain hence you should take the above with a grain of salt. We should get a better idea on this once Capcom talks more about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite at E3 next week.

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