Mass Effect Andromeda is the newest game from Bioware and it is very different to Rockstar’s GTA 5. The former is a great game in its own rights but like GTA 5, it is not giving the fans the right kind of love.

Regardless of how good GTA 5 is, Rockstar is not rewarding the single player gamers as they see no gain in doing so. The developer has never stopped offering content to GTA Online and they have yet to make any additions to the single player mode in GTA 5.

It looks like Mass Effect Andromeda is suffering from the same issue after reports surfaced online revealing that the single player mode won’t be getting any new contents in the future. Most of the fans are not okay with it as they feel that the main campaign feels incomplete.

It is pretty obvious that a DLC can fix the missing bits for good but this now looks unlikely to happen. We have contacted Bioware for a statement on the matter and we will update here once we get a response.

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