Mass Effect Andromeda may be the latest title in the series but this does not mean that the game is the best Mass Effect title to date. There are actually many weak points on Mass Effect Andromeda and many fans are not happy with it.

Sure, combat in Andromeda is the best one yet but the weak plot, graphics and lack of strong content makes the game feel underwhelming throughout. What’s worse is when you realized that Mass Effect Andromeda is full of time-wasting missions.

Think about it. There are a lot of times where you are required to travel far just so you can meet and talk to a person. It just doesn’t add up, especially when you consider that there are no phones in the futuristic universe of Mass Effect.

Hence, if there is going to be a sequel, Bioware must really replace this weak quests build-ups with something more powerful and exciting. Also, they should seriously consider introducing an intergalactic telephone to escape the prehistoric ages.

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