Mass Effect Andromeda is the upcoming major game from Bioware and it will kick of a whole new adventure years following the ending of the Shepard era. Most folks are anticipating that Mass Effect Andromeda would be launched sometime next month.

Although many are excited over the arrival of Andromeda, there are some who can’t help but be anxious over the game. Well, this is because the teasers and trailers showed that only six squad members will be arriving to Andromeda. This shows that the game may remain stagnant as this is no difference from Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 3, without Javik.

That said, six is still a good figure. Just like the previous Mass Effect titles, Andromeda may come with a separate quest that will reveal the history of the companions along with their struggles.

Perhaps a smaller squad would mean that there will be more in-depth focus on each characters and the amount of interaction with the player. Well, that’s merely our opinion; what do you think?