Butthurt is probably the word Xbox One fans would want to use against those who swear by the PlayStation 4, as a massive AAA title from Bioware has chosen its side in this arbitrary console war.

Mass Effect Andromeda is due to arrive early next year and it looks set to arrive first for EA Access subscribers. This could of course be construed as ‘shots fired’ to certain PS4 owners.

It’s only a slight advantage though, as subscribers wouldn’t be getting access to the full game. Don’t get me wrong – they will get the whole thing, but only a limited time to explore it.

Perhaps those who intend to rush out early reviews for the game would be interested in getting 10 hours worth of gameplay ahead of their peers. The more important question here is whether or not the game would be able to match its predecessors in depth and quality.

With a whole new ensemble set in another galaxy, there’s really no telling how Andromeda would turn out. All we know is that after a disappointing end to the first trilogy, Bioware has amends to make.