What you are looking at above is a new concept supercar from McLaren and it is bound to get unveiled later this year. The name of the concept is unknown at the moment although we do know that the car will have a single seat setup.

This means that the future supercar from McLaren can only accommodate the driver. There is simply no room for passengers thus implying that the car is going to be extremely light.

The crazy thing about it is that the description sounds a lot like the Dodge Challenger Demon. The latter is made only for a single driver in its base stock form and this is so that it can capture greater speed thanks to the lighter load.

The Challenger Demon has already made its mark by becoming the world’s fastest accelerating car but this may just get beaten by the McLaren concept above. Even so, both the concept and the Demon are unlikely to square off with one another as they have different targets in the market.

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