This is official. Nokia would be making a comeback into the smartphone world come 2017. This is revealed in a slide from Nokia’s Capital Markets Day 2016 which states that 2017 marks the year “Nokia brand’s return to smartphones.”

Having said that, do not expect Nokia to be producing its own smartphones as it does not have the needed manufacturing facilities as before. The company has enlisted the help of Finnish company HMD Global and Taiwanese Foxconn for its new venture.

Besides that, Nokia has also reeled in a popular advertising agency to aid in promoting its soon-to-arrive Nokia smartphones, according to Phone Arena.

The report also states that the first ever Nokia-branded device of 2017 would be the D1C, which is said to be coming with Android 7 Nougat as well as boasting 1080p display with 3GB RAM while running on Snapdragon 430 processor.

Microsoft Surface Phone Chimes In

This could be made possible by Microsoft’s decision to push for the Surface Phone and cut its losses with the Lumia lineup.

It makes sense for the company to keep an eye on sustaining the mobile branch of its Windows 10 ecosystem while making a move into into Android which has proven all this while to be an inexhaustible gold mine.

It has been rumored that the upcoming Surface Phone would be occupying the top-end of the market using the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, which lends credence to Nokia trying for budget-minded consumers instead.

Expect to hear all out this new venture at Nokia’s keynote at MWC 2017, beginning from February 27 up till March 2.