Although tablets are less popular than smartphones, Microsoft is able to dominate the market and this is thanks to the Surface Pro. The slate has never failed to impress as it offers a laptop-like experience in the form of a tablet.

As such, many are expecting the next-gen Surface Pro 5 to make an instant impact once it debuts later this year but we don’t think it will be easy for Microsoft this time round. We say so because Samsung has turned up the heat after revealing on the upcoming Galaxy Book.

The Galaxy Book will come out in two forms. The base model will have a 10” display whereas the second model will feature a 12” screen. The former will have a 1080p resolution and it will be powered by the latest Intel Core M3. The larger Galaxy Book, on the other hand, is powered by an Intel Core i5.

With such a setup, the Galaxy Book can certainly rival the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The powerful hardwares will ensure great productivity with the Galaxy Book and all that is left is for the device to be priced attractively. Is the Surface Pro 5 in trouble?

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