The latest Microsoft Xbox One may not be the most popular choice for a brand new gaming console but this is not stopping the tech giant from making their platform attractive.

While rival Sony PS4 may boasts greater technicalities, it is Microsoft that spared more thoughts for the gamers and they did so by making old games being playable on the new console. Microsoft calls it their backwards compatibility program and it became the main theme of their latest promotion.

Starting today, over 275 games from the Xbox 360 are being offered on a 75% discount on the Xbox store and it gained a lot of attention from the gaming community. Many from the Sony PS4 openly revealed that they are envy to not get backwards compatibility and applauded Microsoft for it.

With Microsoft being able to salvage some positives for the Xbox One, it will only set up the right mood ahead of Project Scorpio’s release. Are you thrilled?

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