It goes without saying that playing a lot of video games isn’t exactly the healthiest choice as bumming on the couch wouldn’t be helping your fitness level in any way.

So, it is quite refreshing to hear of the recent partnership between the 2K Games, the developer of the NBA 2K17 game, and Fitbit.

Soon all NBA 2K17 gamers would be able to level up their game as well as increase their chances of gaining entry into a championship ring just by being active throughout the day.

The collaboration between the two companies will be providing gamers with in-game boosts to their MyPlayer category if they manage to take at least 10,000 steps daily by utilizing one of Fitbit’s activity trackers.

Gamers will have the chance to pick between boosting your agility, layups, dunks as well as others. But, keep in mind that these boost would only last through five games and if you want more, you’ll have to hit the streets for another 10,000 steps.

This is truly a revolution in the gaming world and we have to admit that it doesn’t sound all that bad. Well, what do you think of this new partnership?

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