Automakers have never been able to get designs right for their standalone EV nameplates. Some design mishaps are accidental, while most are deliberate, with the intention of announcing to others on the street that they suck for using gas as fuel.

Well, it appears that the EV market has matured past that awkward adolescence with the emergence of good looking zero-emissions models from Tesla and GM.

The Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt are set to carry on not only the good work, but also the good looks of their elder siblings.

And unless these quiet and smooth vehicles are intend to communicate dissonance between form and function, there’s no need for any loud or standout styling features. Their looks should reflect their behavior, and thankfully the designers at Tesla and GM understand this.

Save the aggressive lines and loud embellishments for cars that are, well, loud and aggressive. Both the Model 3 and Bolt sport minimal exterior touches and sensible proportions, though the compact Tesla takes it further by eschewing a front grille as well.

Have A Look Inside

But of course by now everyone should be familiar with how the Model 3 and Bolt look on the outside, so it’s worthwhile to see what they have in store within their respective cabins. After all, drivers and occupants experience vehicles from the inside.

The Bolt boasts a clean two-toned interior that features balanced instrument cluster and center console displays. Traditional knobs and buttons are localized at the bottom of the center display and three-spoke steering wheel, and this deserves a two-thumbs up as it makes keeping eyes on the road easier.

Chevrolet Bolt Interior (Photo Credit: Car and Driver)

Chevrolet Bolt Interior (Photo Credit: Car and Driver)

It’s no so much the simplicity of the Bolt’s interior that should be commended but its spaciousness, though of course the two go hand-in-hand. The occupant and cargo space offered by the electric hatch is rivaled by none in its class, with the closest being the goofy BMW i3.

The Model 3, on the other hand, is the more interesting of the two. Rather than keeping it simple like the Bolt, it appears that Tesla has gone all-out on the ‘less is more’ mantra by offering no adornments in its cabin apart from a large, landscape-oriented center display.

Tesla Model 3 Interior (Photo Credit: Electrek)

Tesla Model 3 Interior (Photo Credit: Electrek)

Well, at least that’s according to an image recently acquired by Electrek from an anonymous source who claimed it was from a Tesla corporate party. Whether or not the Model 3 would actually have more interior space than the Bolt, it would certainly offer the illusion of more space with its almost bare design, aided by a massive glass roof.

So, between the Model 3 and Bolt, which design tickles your fancy more? It’s easy to bet that more folks would be impressed by the former, but by the looks of it it would take actually sitting within each vehicle to have a proper answer to that.