Most people would agree that the 2016 Tesla Model X was not a mistake in itself but involved several imprudent decisions on Tesla’s part. One of them is the falcon wing doors, which has led to a lot of production hiccups, a lawsuit, and disgruntled customers.

Lincoln is taking its Navigator concept and molding it into a production model set for 2018. The Escalade-rivaling SUV has gone for a more minimalist aesthetic choice.

And a big part of that choice is ditching the gull wing doors that spans two rows in the SUV – the little steps are going as well.

Will the Navigator remain a two-door SUV? It’s quite great for easy ingress/egress but if there are no gull wings then it would seem difficult to pull off without causing the SUV to become ungainly.

Anyway, according to Automotive News the Lincoln is looking to create for the SUV an understated, luxurious look akin the Lincoln Continental sedan. The aim is to be different from competitors (Escalade) which the automaker suggests likes to scare people with their vehicles. Well, for a start the wheels would need some changing as they don’t seem to fit the minimalist philosophy.