The 2016 MacBook Pro is reported to be facing a couple of GPU issues such as flickering and tearing in some apps, according to various reports on MacRumors and

Apple is yet to address this issue but Jan Becker, YouTube user, who had faced the problem revealed that an Apple Store employee had said that it was a hardware problem which led Becker to order a new MacBook Pro.

However, the problem still persisted. “I just created a NEW project on this MBP and when rendering it didn’t crash. The other project that made the computer crash was created on an old MacPro with a NVIDIA graphics card. But I still have a weird graphics glitch when I restart,” clarified Becker.

A recent poll conducted by 9to5Mac revealed that a large number of 2016 MacBook Pro users have been facing GPU glitches, just like Becker.

At this point, there is no precise reason behind this GPU issues, whether is it software or hardware related problem, but Apple better get a head start on fixing it.

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Peter · November 29, 2016 at 1:06 pm

I received my MBP yesterday, 15 inch 2,7GHz Radeon 455 touch, and have the same problem.. Tomorrow I will bring it to the Apple Store and hope they can fix it

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