If there’s one thing upmarket buyers would love to have, it is a compact luxury SUV that operates on hybrid technology. The choices are not much in the market but it will soon look more interesting as BMW is preparing to launch the all-new X3.

BMW injected more hype on the X3 when they revealed that the compact SUV is only days away from its official unveiling. Despite being very close to breaking its covers, BMW is not holding back as they went on to share that there will be a hybrid-powered X3 coming out.

The next-gen X3 will have a slightly bummed up measurements and this is to address the comfort issues that plagued the previous model. The hybrid trim, on the other hand, will rely on a 2L 4-cylinder engine that works together with an electric motor.

BMW said that the figures will get revealed during the vehicle’s launch day and they also promised that the X3 Hybrid will be the greenest choice in the segment it competes in. Are you excited?

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