Right after the last New York Auto Show, we discussed with you about how the next-gen Ford Ranger will look like. The rumours were claiming that the future Ranger will be a pickup truck version of the Bronco and they based it on the fact that both vehicles will be built in the same centre.

As such, it is only logic for the Bronco and the Ranger to cross parts with each other and it will also aid in reducing production cost from Ford. While this may sound like a likely outcome, we prefer to believe that the Ranger will look like a scaled down Ford F-150.

Our belief is based on the spy shots surrounding the Ranger that has zero noticeable design features taken from the Bronco. But then again, this is still not a certain thing if the latest words from Ford are to be referred to.

Ford’s Mark Fields announced at the annual shareholders’ meeting yesterday that the next-gen Ranger will be a body-on-frame vehicle that is built on an available platform from overseas. Such a statement suggests that the structure of the Ranger will be akin to the Bronco but the design will be based on the F-150.

Again, we still can’t be certain about the above and we need to wait out until Ford pulls the curtains of the next-gen Ranger. What will the outcome be like?

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