FCA’s Sterling Heights assembly plant is getting ready to change from building the Chrysler 200 to the next-generation Ram pickup and the redesigns will supposedly incorporate an on-site test track.

Not much is out in the open for now, but the testing facility alone will cost $5.8 million, according to Automotive News reports. It will probably be utilized to guarantee that the trucks are able to be driven properly before being dispatched off to merchants, yet it could be also used to produce new models.

Its proving grounds operates an hour away in Chelsea, Michigan, and have testing facilities in Florida and Arizona.

Chrysler opened its Sterling Heights plant in 1953, at first to create rockets for the US Army. Volkswagen quickly possessed (yet never utilized) the area in the mid 1980s, changing it to produce automobiles before offering it back to Chrysler. The America automaker has since utilized it to create models like the Dodge Lancer, Daytona, Stratus, and Avenger, and of latest, for the Chrysler 200.

The expansion of the test track is only one little part in a renovation plan estimated to cost over $1 billion. It includes a $940 million of new hardware and gear, and $72 million worth of changes to the plant itself. Different components consist of $42 million for the paint shop, $8 million for chassis finishing, and $6 million for an extra frame unloading area.

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