It was a little disheartening to hear Porsche shoot down speculations of an all-electric Porsche 911 model, which leaves consumers with the next-gen BMW i8 as the best prospect for a zero-emissions two-door sports coupe/convertible.

Folks sure wouldn’t mind not having a battery-electric 911 if what Automobile says turns out to be true. It claims that the next-gen BMW i8 EV would not only offer 300 miles of range, but also a whopping 750hp.

The only catch is that the Bimmer would remain in its current-gen guise until 2023 before it moves into the high-performance electric game. By that time, it wouldn’t be a surprise that without the help of gas, sports cars would be able to churn out that much power.

Besides, the Tesla Model S and Model X have proven that it is already possible at this point to rely solely on electric power to perform 0-60mph sprints in as quick as 2.6 seconds.

At any rate, this 750hp all-electric BMW i8 is still a rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. For now the most realistic high-performance EV is the 2020 Porsche Mission E that’s worth 600hp.

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Rabk · August 14, 2016 at 5:59 am

Waiting to trade my tesla in for the i8 or Porsche. Bit soooooo long.

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