Ford has confirmed that they are currently developing the next-gen Focus and the vehicle looks set to make its debut next year. The best part about it is that the next-gen Focus will debut together with the ST trim.

This means that performance lovers don’t have to wait longer to purchase the more powerful version of the Focus and they can be pleased by it. More interestingly, the next-gen Focus ST will be coming with a more clean-cut look to give it an upmarket appearance.

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As how you can see above, the Focus ST has ditched the busy styling of the past in favor of something neater. The creases are replaced with a smooth surface and the finish off a stunning design language. On the front of the car, the grille is less aggressive than before and the way the fog lights are molded deeper gives the Focus ST a ‘sleeper’ profile.

Personally, we really like the design of the Focus ST but it is perhaps better to check out the vehicle in person next year before giving a final verdict. Regardless, we would love to hear your thoughts on the vehicle.

Credits: CarScoops

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