According to AutoEvolution, the Blue Oval will be channeling $700 million into its Flat Rock assembly plant in Michigan. This plant will be producing several electrified and self-driving vehicles, including the hybrid F-150 and the hybrid Mustang.

Ford had revealed that the Mustang hybrid will be coming with “V8 power” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will come with a V8 mill along with a hybrid drivetrain. This implies that the model will be coming with a hybrid setup that closely emulates the power and torque output of a typical V8 engine.

AutoEvolution seems to think that there is a high chance of the automaker using the 2.3-liter EcoBoost unit for the electrified Mustang, especially since it will provide more room below the hood to accommodate a hybrid drivetrain.

There is still one thing that Ford needs to decide upon which is whether it will come with a temporary AWD setup by equipping the electric motors on the front axle or if it will come as a RWD hybrid.

Currently, the only muscle car to offer AWD is the Dodge Challenger GT, which puts the Mustang at a disadvantage. So, it would be interesting to see the Mustang hybrid coming with an AWD setup.