A new report claim that the upcoming Ford Mustang GT500 model was going to come in with a V8 Supercharged engine and that the car will be able to offer close to 680hp thanks to the upgrade but the fans are still very skeptical about this.

While we still do not know what Ford plans to offer on the Ford Mustang GT500 model, the fact that the news was reported by the same people that said that the Ford Fiesta will be offered in the US had fans doubting the reliability of the news.

We know for sure that the Ford Fiesta will be heading to China in the near future instead of the US and if they can make such a big blunder, they might have gotten the Ford Mustang GT500 new wrong as well.

While we do like the idea of the Mustang GT500 offering about 680hp when it arrives, fans were not looking forward to seeing a supercharger Mustang GT500 and most of them are hoping that this news is a fake.

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