Google’s Nexus 6, co-produced by Motorola, is truly a one-of-a-kind device as many users are still loyally sticking by its side despite the array of new devices available on the market, currently.

These users have fallen in love with the Nexus 6 and don’t wish to upgrade; however, their stand may change soon as the rumor mill has been dropping news that Google may be releasing a Nexus 6 successor in its upcoming Pixel lineup.

This device, reported to have a bigger touchscreen compared to the Pixel XL, is codenamed Taimen while the other two devices in the series are codenamed Muskie and Walleye.

This Pixel trio is confirmed to be arriving with Qualcomm’s top-notch Snapdragon 835 chipset based on the code commits in the Android Open Source Project.

Word on the street is that HTC will be having a hand in the manufacturing process of the upcoming Pixels – just like how it played a part in the original two Pixel devices, as well.

Well, if there truly is a Nexus 6 successor on the cards, would you finally consider making the upgrade?