The upcoming A45 will be even more powerful than ever, surpassing even its predecessor and this has been confirmed by Mercedes-AMG’s head, Tobias Moers.

In an interview with Car Advice, Moers disclosed that the all-new Mercedes-AMG A45 will be equipped with a brand new 2.0-liter mill that is capable of churning out at least 400 horsepower.

“The new 2.0-litre will be an all-new engine. Yes, an electric turbine is something we have a close link to, but maybe not in that first version,” clarified Moers.

He added, “Yeah, we have to be over 300kW (402 hp), too, we know that. You have to be at a certain level.”

Although the new A45 will most probably not be arriving before 2019, the Mercedes-AMG head stated that they don’t want to “give a tip or advantage to our competitors.” Even so, he said that there’s a crucial need to be over 300kW as this is “the new standard.”