The next-gen Porsche 911 Turbo prototype was recently spotted while it was doing its round of test. This test mule combined the existing 991.2 body with engine and chassis components that is slated for the next-gen model.

That said, it’s evident that this change will make the supercar wider. The 911 line-up currently offers three possible widths – the Turbo being the one with the most aggressive version.

Zuffenhausen will supplant the existing 3.8L twin-turbocharged and seeing that the current Turbo and Turbo S are able to churn out 540hp and 580hp each, we can estimate the “regular” version to be about 600hp.

Meanwhile, the Turbo S may be converting into the Turbo S E-Hybrid. The rumor mill has been saying since back in 2014, that the German automaker may be working on a 700hp super-hybrid for the Panamera and the 911 series.

Since the hybrid propulsion has been guaranteed for the 992 Neunelfer and the second-gen Panamera has combined the Turbo S and the E-Hybrid badges, it’s not too far-fetched to expect a 700hp gas-electric 911.

The 911 series usually accommodates over 20 models and so, it’s possible that Porsche could be offering two hybrid powertrain options for the Neunelfer.