The Toyota Camry appears to be the most popular sedan of the lot and with recent news surrounding the arrival of the second-generation model, car enthusiasts are pumped up to know what will the model be offering.

So far, we know that the next gen Toyota Camry will be equipped with the TNGA platform, similarly offered by the Toyota Prius. This platform offers flexibility with its lightweight build which should promote better fuel economy for the vehicle. Hopefully, the Toyota Prius will prove that the fun factor of this drive will not be diminished.

Although the Prius is often, appearance wise, looked down upon, it offers amazing engaging performance and it should be applied to the next generation Toyota Camry as well.

Expect to see the next-gen Toyota Camry as a midsized sedan – minus the hybrid engine – similar to the Toyota Prius. However, here’s hoping that the latest Camry would omit the design language that comes with the Prius.