The day has come where we finally catch a glimpse of the next-gen Toyota Supra! Despite being under camouflage, the prototype parked at a fuel station does show off some prominent details.

Over at its front fascia, we can spot the large air intakes located at the corners of the bumper. There is also a missing panel which shows what looks like a tow hook mount.

Aside that, the intakes seem to have two distinct elements, which implies that the air is being channeled to multiple areas such as the intercooler and brakes.

Meanwhile, a report from AutoBlog suggest that this next-gen Supra may be hiding a turbocharged six-cylinder mill right under its hood.

The prototype also sports BMW wheels in Dunlop winter rubber while the brakes have four-piston fixed calipers along with one-piece rotors. The mirrors here are very alike the ones spotted on the Z5 but the rest of the bodywork screams Supra.

However, the rear window appears to be smaller and with the addition of the ducktail spoiler, it doesn’t seem like it would be capable of offering much of a view.

That said, from what we’re seeing, we think the Supra would definitely be a mean machine. Expect to see the 2017 Supra making its debut possibly at the Frankfurt Show come September.

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