The next Mazda CX-5 looks set to arrive later this year and it will be coming with many new technologies as well as powertrain options to choose from. Before you get excited, you should know that the powertrain options are limited to diesel makes.

Mazda has confirmed on this when they revealed that their newly developed diesel motors are performing above their expectations hence they have decided to offer it with the CX-5, despite being fully aware that diesels are not popular here in the US.

The decision to offer diesel on the CX-5 immediately reminded us of one particular promise made to a certain car from Mazda. A couple of years ago, Mazda did mention about offering a diesel Mazda6 here in the US and that has yet to happen.

Perhaps, with the CX-5 Diesel entry here in the US, we could be seeing Mazda rolling off more diesel-powered vehicles like the Mazda6. This is unless the diesels are unable to hit the mark on the sales front thus leading Mazda to scrap their entire diesel vision.

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