It is no secret that Mercedes is developing the next-gen A-Class and this will involve the AMG A40 and A45. Mercedes has promised that the next-gen A45 is aimed at being the most powerful luxury sports hatch in the world and this got us wondering on how things will be like for the A40.

If the rumors are to be referred to, the future A40 AMG won’t be a surprise as it will be much like the current A45 AMG. The future A40 is targeted at offering 350hp from a 2L turbo-4 engine and this is not far off from what the current A45 AMG is offering.

Speaking of which, the next-gen A45 AMG is looking at figures beyond 400hp as it wants to become the fastest sports hatch in the world.

While rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, the above is likely to come true, especially when seeing Mercedes breaking their performance boundaries in recent years. If this is going to be the outcome, then the future A40 AMG and A45 AMG will spell trouble for the Audi S3 and RS3.

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