It’s often the case, in the Android arena, that if a device is popular enough among users, it will continue to be supported by the dedicated developer community.

One clear example of this is the Nexus 5. Despite being an old device, it is still backed up by third-party developers to keep it fresh with the latest updates.

Many folks were clearly disheartened when Google announced that it will not be bringing the latest Android update, Nougat, to the Nexus 5 devices.

However, it probably would have been better to complain about the discontinued monthly security updates for the device, instead. This is because it’ll be pretty hard to keep the device virus-free without Google’s latest security updates.

But, it will not be all that difficult to bring the latest Android versions into the Nexus 5. You’re not familiar with custom ROMs? No worries, as there a plenty of guides to coach you through it.

It’s as simple as mastering the steps and you’ll be seeing the Android 7.0 or even the 7.1 on your beloved Nexus 5. On top of that, there are plenty of options to take your pick from – thanks to the growing number of third-party developers.

If you don’t want the Hammerhead based CM14.1 custom ROM build, you can go for the CAF version. Many folks claim that the latter is better as it has updated driver and offers excellent audio quality. But, it is the Hammerhead build that boasts better alt kernel availability.

At the end of the day, each of these custom ROMs have their own set of pros and cons; it’s best to do your own research before you jump into flashing your device.