Although many already saw it coming, it was still disappointing to hear that Google was dropping support for the Nexus 5. This device has truly been one of the most popular devices for these past two years; so, why would Google terminate support?

That is an important question – one that has been asked by numerous fans of the Nexus 5. However, there’s another question to consider: So what?

As blunt as that may have sounded, Google no longer supporting the Nexus 5 with software updates simply means that users will have to seek for alternative ways to get into the latest and the greatest.

Yes, flashing third-party software into your device could void the warranty; but, does it truly matter for a device that’s three years old? The only real issue here is security threats, since Google is also terminating monthly security updates for the Nexus 5.

If that’s a concern, users could always opt to use the device as a backup to a newer daily driver that is still protected with the latest security patches.

Despite being old, the Nexus 5 seems to be made of nails. Most fans believe that this device is truly timeless, especially those who keep it fresh by installing the latest Android versions via custom ROMs.